Portsmouth Abbey School
285 Cory’s Lane, Portsmouth, RI 02871

1960 Portsmouth Priory Wrestling Team

Standing left to right: Mr. Lifrak, Hamilton, Theiriot, Kilbourn, S., Lifrak, Greene, Burden, Pendergast. Kneeling: Winch, Furcolo, Kennedy, P., Palmieri, Hill. Sitting: Pimental, Serenyi, Wright, Buckley.

Though the record for the 1960 season did not seem too impressive, our team had quite a successful year. Not including two matches, Pomfret and Moses Brown, in which we were outclassed, the Portsmouth Wrestling team has established itself as a hard fighting team. Our most impressive victory was over P. C. D. After losing the first three bouts, we retaliated and won the match 39 – 37.
Our sincere thanks go to Coach Lifrak wihhout whom we could have never done s0 well.